Chimney Sweep Revere MA

Chimney Sweep Revere MA

Chimney Sweep Revere MA: Chimney Exteriors

As a Revere MA Chimney Sweep, the most common issue I have seen is Chimney caps being torn off of the tops of chimneys due to excessive winds. While most chimney caps are rugged, and can withstand winds they need to be inspected on a more regular basis when they are on a coastal city such as Revere Mass.

Issues to look for are:

  • Proper installation
  • Making sure the welds are holding up
  • Making sure the lid bolts aren’t backing out due to vibrations

Any combination of these three issues can lead to total cap failure. One way to reduce the possibility for cap failure is to install a side mounted chimney cap.

Another major issue I find in Revere Mass is salt spray deteriorating the exterior of chimneys. All coastal towns and cities know exactly how much damage sea salt can cause. It finds its way into every nook and cranny and begins breaking down whatever it comes in contact with. At Up Yer Flue Chimney Sweeps I can prevent the sea salts from being able to absorb into the bricks of your chimney by waterproofing your chimney, and making sure it is impervious to anything that nature can throw at it.

Chimney Sweep Revere MA: Chimney Interiors

While nature is beating up the chimney exterior, the flue gasses deteriorate the interior of the chimney. The acids in flue gasses are so corrosive and need to be removed before they are able to saturate the inside of the chimney. This is primarily caused by the furnace regardless of whether it is an oil, or gas burning furnace.

The primary reason to have your wood burning appliance is to remove creosote which is Flammable. Creosote is the byproduct of burning wood. It rises into the chimney as a gas, and as it cools it condenses into a solid which then sticks to the chimneys interior walls, and begins to accumulate. Having your chimney swept is the only way to remove creosote, and prevent chimney fires. Chimney fires can spread to any adjacent wood within the house, or embers can land on the roof and catch your roof on fire. Having your chimney swept is the best form of preventive maintenance for your property, and your families safety.

At Up Yer Flue Chimney Sweeps I am well aware of all of the idiosyncrasies that comes with sweeping chimneys in Revere Mass. With a decade of experience in the field i am well aware of what to expect from racoons on Mountain Ave., to missing caps on the beach. Ive seen it all.

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