Chimney Sweep Saugus MA

Chimney Sweep Saugus MA

Looking for a chimney sweep in Saugus, MA? Look no further…

Chimneys are often the most overlooked system in your house. Having your chimney swept on a regular basis can save both money, and the potential for damage to your home.

Why Choose Up Yer Flue Chimney Sweeps?

At Up Yer Flue Chimney Sweeps I will take pictures of before and after I perform the sweep, and of anything else I see out of the ordinary. I will then provide you with an estimate of any repairs needed, and then email all pictures to you for your personal records. I take the time to thoroughly explain any ways in which you can increase the efficiency of your chimney. I also take moisture readings of your firewood to determine that your wood is not too green, or too dry.

I will educate you on the importance of keeping your chimney weather tight as well. Living in New England may be nice, but the seasons beat upon the outside of a house – especially your chimney. In the winter the freeze/thaw cycles cause water to absorb into tiny cracks in your chimney then re-freeze. When water freezes it expands thus opening that crack a little more. This cycle can be repeated dozens of times each year. Multiply that by the age of the house and you have a recipe for a chimney that is going to need repairs.

Contact Your Saugus MA Chimney Sweep

At Up Yer Flue Chimney Sweeps you can rest easy knowing that your chimney is in capable hands. Contact us today with questions or to set up an appointment for any of our services..